The faithful classic

Egg sandwich with creme fraiche and horseradish
Egg sandwich with avocado
The omelette sandwich
Ahhh… the almighty egg sarnie. Some things are so quintessentially English that just a single bite of a perfectly luscious, velvety egg mayo filling topped with crisp watercress on brown bread transports me back to the Motherland of tea and scones. Except in my opinion, some of the most memorable egg and bread concoctions were best served at simple builders’ cafes rather than posh tea houses. The classic egg sandwich has kept me company on numerous occassions – during rushed work lunches (Pret how I miss you), the dreaded penny pinching days at the end of the month before payday (a loaf of brown bread, a carton of eggs, and jar of mayo go a long way), and aplenty morning after sessions following a big night out. Let’s face it, an omelette sandwich is pretty much the veggie alternate to the bacon buttie when it comes to alcohol quenching properties. 

I know certain schools of cooking that believe the egg sarnie is so classically sacred one must never mess around with the ingredient combination – perfectly boiled eggs (not overdone with the yolk still moist and orange), salt, pepper, butter, and mayonnaise. I for one do not abide by this. I absolutely love the fact that using a set of basic and familiar fridge staples, one can experiment with a whole world of textures and flavours. Most people will have bread, eggs, mayo and salt & pepper in the kitchen. Such simple, honest ingredients that complement each other perfectly, you can never go wrong with the trusted combination of eggs and bread provided you stick to sane, rational kitchen rules. 

So here it is, my list of favourite egg and bread combinations in no particular order:

The classic – eggs with creme fraiche & horseradish

The Ingredients
2 eggs, 3-4 tbsp creme fraiche (you can use mayo but I prefer the lighter texture of creme fraiche, plus it has less calories than mayo!), 1 tbsp horseradish, chopped capers, chopped spring onions, salt & pepper.

The Preparation
1. Boil egg for 5-7 minutes
2. Smash cooked eggs with all ingredients. Season with salt & pepper. 
3. Serve in-between wholemeal bread with lettuce or watercress.  

Egg sandwich with avocado

The Ingredients
2 eggs, 1 ripe avocado, salt & pepper. 

The Preparation
1. Boil egg for 5-7 minutes
2. Smash cooked eggs with avocado. Note: you don’t even need to use mayo with this due to the already creamy richness of the avocado.  Season with salt & pepper. 
3. Serve in-between wholemeal pita with side salad.   

The omelette sandwich

The Ingredients
2 eggs, half an onion, splash of milk, tomato sauce, salt & pepper, any other ingredients you may want to add to your omelette – i.e. mushrooms, spring onions, peppers, etc, cheddar cheese, and olive oil.

The Preparation
1. Beat eggs and add milk. Season with salt & pepper.
2. Heat pan with olive oil, at this stage sauté any of the additional vegetables. Once cooked pour in egg mixture and let this settle.
3. Top with cheddar cheese.
4. Once omelette has complete formed served on top of brown bread with lettuce or rocket and a smearing of tomato sauce.


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