My philosophy in life is Eat. Pray. Run. I absolutely adore food. But that’s home cooked, healthy and flavorsome food. This is what empowers the other two elements that define who I am – yoga and running.

I have an emotional relationship to the whole cooking process. Cooking is there when I’m excited and want to celebrate by whipping up a meal for the people I love, or when I’m inspired to be creative with new ingredients. It’s also been the solace when I’m on a mission to shut out the world after a crappy day (even at 4am in the morning after a long day at work).

Moving back home to KL has been a bit of a confusing adjustment process. You would think it would be the right natural fit – I love food. KL = food heaven = food obsessed people. However it’s surprising how challenging it is to ensure that your meals are healthy in a city grounded on street food and where most people easily default to the big American chain restaurants.¬†Healthy meals can be found but require more consideration and planning of where to eat and of course a much fatter wallet helps.

So I’m on a mission to stick to my principles of cooking and eating nourishing food that’s good for you. Although it may require more dining in (than out), it can be done. Wholesome food is good for your soul, so I’ve made the active choice to have a relationship with my kitchen more than anything else.


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