I love…

  • Running (I’m slightly obsessed)
  • Yoga
  • Veggie food
  • Cooking (no really?)
  • Organic food shops / sections – I feel like a kid in a candy store!
  • Looking around at overpriced delis such as Ben’s General Food Store in BVI and wishing that I could afford to pay RM 78 for a small jar of rock salt
  • Oh so pretty macaroons and spending crazy money on those darn things as pressies for people that i love
  • Personal recipe book collections, the more battered the better
  • Music with a passion
  • Tattoos
  • Food blogs – Smitten Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks are my absolute favorites
  • Food photography
  • DIY food photography
  • Monthly seasonal recipe cards with his gorgeous photography from Alan Newnham
  • Wring down lists and the satisfaction of crossing things out
  • Top 5/Top 10 lists (a la John Cusack in High Fidelity)
  • My moleskin diary
  • Borough market
  • A really good flat white
  • Everything about Ottolenghi
  • Portobello market and Books for Cooks
  • Buying out bags of baby spinach at my local Village Grocer
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Finding new things I can do with quinoa
  • Talking about food
  • Recipe swaps
  • Speakeasy style bars
  • The veggie restaurants in Brighton
  • Oh how I miss Pimms
  • Packaging design
  • All things design – Popsop always a good read
  • Aesop
  • Feta cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • The brand philosophy of Lululemon
  • Sunny days lazing around Primrose Hill
  • Being able to touch my toes after 29 years of going nowhere near them
  • Weekend brunches playing boardgames (Scrabble!)
  • Vino, white please
  • Winning at boardgames during weekend brunches
  • Salt egg squid – still on the search for the perfect salt egg squid
  • East London and its griminess
  • Pretty much any type of noodle soup
  • Will happily eat blocks of halloumi
  • Ice cream
  • Even better, ice cream with Bailey’s
  • Bailey’s with pretty much anything and everything
  • Peanut butter and anything with peanut butter in it. Peanut butter ice-cream (yes there is such a thing) topped with Bailey’s is probably my one sinful indulgence.
  • Scandinavia because their approach to food, work and life is the way it should be. Oh and the seafood!
  • Stockholm
  • Florence & the Machine
  • Finding a new theme song
  • Headstands
  • Perfectly done eggs Benedict with smoked salmon
  • Runny eggs everything (scrambled, poached, omelette, baked, fried). Give me an overcooked egg and I will kill you (unless it’s mashed up in an egg sandwich or frittata, then that’s ok).
  • Will travel for food

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