For the morning after…

Ipoh kway teow soup
So simple yet so comforting, noodle soup has recently been my favourite go-to food in the aftermath of a night out, when everything still feels a little hazy and you’re struggling to get with the programme while cursing to yourself ‘never again!’ 

This non-judgmental and welcoming dish ensures a balanced recovery to soothe a sore head: a generous portion of carbs to soak up those pesky toxins, veggies to help replenish any lost brain cells, protein to lift lingering veils of cloudiness, and an inviting broth that not only re-hydrates but more importantly promises to wash away all notions of the world feeling like it’s about to end. With that said, as the festive season and celebrations approach, noodle soup trusty old friend, I’ll be seeing you again this weekend.

My version of Ipoh Kway Teow Soup

Basic ingredients
Kway teow noodles (you can substitute with rice vermicelli or egg noodles), balls of all sorts (squid, fish), tofu (I like using tofu skin), bean sprouts, kale, chicken, ginger, garlic, prawns, nampla (fish sauce), soy sauce, spring onions, red chillies. 

The path to recovery…
1.  Make the chicken broth by boiling chicken with ginger, garlic, salt and pepper. If you’re struggling to even form coherent thoughts then for the love of god, cheat – a chicken cube and boiling water will suffice. Once chicken is cooked, shred and keep aside.

2. Blanch noodles, kale, bean sprouts (all separately if possible!) 
3. To finish off the soup heat chicken broth and add all the fish balls, prawns and tofu. Add nampla and a splash of soy sauce to taste. Season. When you’re about to take this off the heat, add some sliced spring onions.
4. To assemble – fill your bowl with noodles and top with kale, bean sprouts. Ladle over the broth and finish off with fried onions and sliced chillies.
5. Go back to bed.