Two birds with one stone

Grilled chicken, avocado, & halloumi tortilla and Grilled chicken & halloumi with cous cous
Best example of what has been a recent obsession of mine – trying to make a variety of interesting meals using the same set of ingredients. Let’s face it, while I would love to be able to grocery shop everyday in KL to cater to my daily (random and ever changing) cravings, food costs are expensive here. Gone are the days where I could quickly pop into Sainsbury’s and buy ingredients to assemble a healthy and flavorful lunch for a fiver. In KL for a decent healthy meal, don’t expect a bill less than under RM 20. In fact, I still have heart attacks when I’m faced with what I have to pay at the till!

Grilled chicken, avocado, and halloumi tortilla

Factor in the fact that I absolutely hate food wastage, I started up this project to see how many different dishes I could make using the same base ingredients. I must admit that this mission was also an attempt to disprove the myth that cooking for the one person meant being doomed to eating the same leftovers again and again over the next few days. So here’s to cooking (and eating) solo, but still being able to enjoy variety.

Grilled chicken & halloumi with cous cous

Base ingredients & preparation
Chicken breast, halloumi cheese, cous cous, tortilla wrap, avocado, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, rocket, capers, lemon, natural yoghurt.

Grill the chicken breast with paprika, cumin, yoghurt and chill flakes.
Pan fry halloumi until golden brown

And now for the assembly…
I like to spread a thin layer of dijon mustard on the tortilla for a bit of a kick. Line tortilla rocket leaves, the sliced grilled chicken, sliced red peppers, halloumi (sliced vertically), and avocado. Serve with the natural yoghurt.

Grilled chicken & halloumi with cous cous
Cook cous cous with chicken stock and ginger. Once all the liquid has absorbed, run a fork through the cous cous to avoid the grains from sticking. Sprinkle some paprika into the cous cous. Season. Top with grilled chicken and halloumi slices.

For the salsa I just finely chop some cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Throw in a few smashed capers for a kick and serve with a olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.